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Wolfpack Publishing wants your manuscript! We specialize in digital publishing and internet marketing. And we need product to sell in this ever-growing, ever-expanding global readership. If you’re a published author with a backlist to which you’ve recovered the rights, if you’re an expert on any subject and want to be a published expert, if you’re an educator and it’s publish or perish, then we want to talk. L. J. Martin, the director of acquisitions has been in the publishing game for almost 30 years, and Mike Bray, our web marketing guru, has been selling on the internet for more than 15 years. He’s a SEO expert. Together, combined with our diverse resource of editing, copyediting, and art consultants, we can make your book fly…and you’ll earn as much as 35% of the cover price.

Cancel your contract with 30 days written notice, get paid within 30 days of our receiving a check from the distributors, get worldwide exposure to your efforts. Wolfpack Publishing LLC has had the number one position on Amazon’s western and action-adventure list’s, and Amazon is the world’s No. 1 bookseller. We want to reach No. 1 with your book as well. Your book will be represented there, and if applicable, in print as a print-on-demand product in paperback. We also have a major presence on Nook and Smashwords and are constantly seeking other marketing resources.

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