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Eclectic Editing was born when I realized that there are a lot of people out there who have great stories that suffer from a lack of editorial attention. Developing authors don’t often have access to solid, constructive editing or actionable writing advice until they get picked up by a publisher, if they decide to go the traditional route at all.
This reality leaves the aspiring author with few options. Not every writer has the funds or the inclination to get an MFA in creative writing…and as much as your Mom probably loves your book, she’s not going to point out the plot holes or be able to sort out issues with verb tense and agreement. (Past perfect progressive, anyone?)
That’s where I come in.
My editing service can help you take your book to the next level. I’ve been editing since 2004, and I officially launched my freelance editing business in 2011. Over the past eight years, I’ve worked on everything from epic science fiction to academic dissertations, helped my clients navigate the self-publishing process, and used my sales experience to support authors as they craft query letters to agents and publishers.
I’ve helped authors from all over the world create stronger, more appealing, and more successful manuscripts. I can help you develop your book, and I can help you become a better writer.

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