The Book Cover Machine

~Over 400 premade covers currently available! I have a huge variety of genres and styles. At present they aren’t set up to be browsed by genre, but I hope to have that feature soon.
~My covers are unique.While I do use stock imagery to create many of my covers, I ALWAYS combine multiple images and/or add effects on top to make an end product that is unique.
~My covers are exclusive. Once you purchase a cover from my premade gallery, or I create you a custom cover, it is yours and yours alone. It will be taken off the market and never sold again.
~My covers are affordable. Prices vary (premades range from $20-$100, and custom packages range between $100-$200), but I pride myself in competitive rates. Many other designers charge between $100-$200 for premades and anywhere between $200-$700 for custom covers.
~I do offer a collection of 100% Unique, Original Artwork premade covers, for those who want every pixel of their cover to be unique and exclusive. NO STOCK IMAGES used for these. Just original art by yours truly.

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