Scarlett Rugers

I’ve been a writer for the past 20 years, and subjected myself to NaNoWriMo eight times during that period, writing over half a million words. The muscles in my fingers were, understandably, far from grateful.

But, my passion has never been solely in writing. 10 years ago, this led me, my acquired skills, and my passion for helping other authors, down the colourful path of design. Book cover design, to be precise.

This is an industry I’m always stoked to be a part of. Working with so many amazing authors to not just provide them with a professional standard cover (excuse the modesty, but, several of these have won awards!), but also to help in the pre and post publication tribulations that so many writers face, whether that’s helping with editing, formatting, marketing, encouragement during a lull in motivation, or advice on traditional- or self- publishing.

As my work became more popular, I found my services in demand more and more, and have now carefully, but excitably, expanded the Scarlett Rugers Design Agency team to ensure we can keep providing each of the authors we work with, and the readers we try to inspire, with as much value and inspiration as possible.

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