Scarlett Rugers Design

By the time we’re finished, I want you to feel like a traditionally published author.
What do I do for you?
I empower authors to be the best they can be. To help them get to their goal of being a best seller.
To inspire, strengthen and pursue the belief that self-publishing is professional publishing. To be a contributor in improving the respectability of independent publishing on three levels:
1. On an one-on-one basis by empowering the authors and to help them to see that they can be a best seller.
2. On a small market level by encouraging others to provide high quality design – whether DIY or other book designers.
3. On an industry-wide level by establishing a high quality customer service and design experience and leading by example for others to follow, and to continue to produce the best book design across the board, in both traditional and self-publishing industries.

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