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Are you a newly published author having a difficult time getting your name out there? Are you unsure how to promote yourself but don’t have the thousands required by big publicity firms? Would you rather be represented by your fellow writer than by some big corporation? We offer custom marketing campaigns and a variety of à la carte services to meet your promotional needs.
After months – maybe even years – of staring at the same set of words, it’s easy to miss things. Agents and publishers are quick to disqualify submissions with sloppy prose. Even if you self-publish, readers can be turned off by bad grammar. Regardless of your path to publication, you always need to put your most professional foot forward. Let us prepare you for the journey.
Promoting your book often requires a professional artist’s touch. Let us craft appealing visuals to complement your finely tuned prose, and you will see your work glow. From stationery, advertisements, web elements, and merchandise to the all-important book cover, professional artwork highlights your message and makes others take notice. Yes, we do judge a book by its cover.

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