My Book Designer

Are you an author looking to Self-Publish your new book? Do you need editing, formatting or design services? Is it for print or do you want to try e book formatting?
As an author you’ve spent countless hours on your manuscript, whether fiction, non-fiction, picture book, trade, business or text book… Professional editing, proofing and layout are the part of the book process necessary for BEST READABILITY, which translates into sales, awards, and future books…
We will professionally prepare your manuscript – design and format your writing, for “print on demand” self-publishing and for the epub conversion required to sell your book through the ebook sellers (a growing option in today’s “Go Green” reading world.)
With your writing skills and our expertise in self publishing services, your readers will experience what they expect from you – “A Great Read”
We can work with you on design ideas. Then with our expertise and experience we will complete the cover design and correctly submit it with the pages so you can begin to sell your books.

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