Juniper Books

In 2010, Juniper Books introduced custom designed and printed book jackets. Thatcher invented custom book jackets (also known as custom book covers) as a way to change the look of any book and to make beautiful decorative books. The jackets are precisely sized to fit specific books with designs and titles that can either correspond to the underlying books, or they can be purely decorative.

We conceive of books spines as a canvas that can decorated in infinite ways. If you don’t like the look of your books, or they don’t integrate with your interior, they can now be inexpensively and efficiently changed!

Some uses for custom book jackets:

“Remodeling” an existing book collection to better coordinate with an interior (you ship us your books and we wrap them in an approved design.)
Building a coordinated book collection – we handpick the books and wrap them in new printed jackets. The options are limitless – we can use literary classics, art books, children’s books, or just about any books.
Corporate branding – for use in visual merchandising, store and window displays, hotels, restaurants, offices, etc.
Please click on the photos below to see additional examples of the various styles we can provide. Our latest (and greatest) project using custom book jackets was the library of the Green Room of the Academy Awards, for which we made 50 different book sets, each featuring a classic film scene across the spines using images from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

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