Eye-catching eBook & print cover design by Joshua Jadon

I remember being 7 years old in a hurry home from school, grabbing a tv tray, and a pencil, all to sit down on the living room couch and watch my favorite show on how to draw, called The Imagination Station. I’ve since been pursuing my interest in graphic design and focus on creating eye-catching eBook & print cover designs for authors and self publishers of all genres.

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“This was my first time working with Josh, but I can say it definitely won’t be my last! His skill and professionalism are unmatched, and he truly means it when he says the job’s not done until you’re 100% satisfied. I now recommend him to anyone looking for design work because I am so thankful that he was able to make my vision vividly come to life. Thanks, Josh!”

– Sasha Ravae

“Joshua knows what sells and is an expert on the moods brought out by colors. His cover design doubled and then tripled the sales on my book. ”
– Lisa Gillis

“I’m very satisfied with Joshua’s work. He understood what I wanted and the end product was very professional and well done. Hope to work with him again in the future.”
– Sean Bradley

“I already had a cover that I had put together for my novel but it was a bit rough and very low resolution so I hired Josh to put together something more professional and visually impressive. I’ve been really impressed with Josh’s work and I can’t stress enough to authors that you need a professional looking cover. Josh can certainly provide that!”
– Tim Jopling

” I recommend Joshua Jadon designs to anyone that desires someone that pays attention to detail and will really make sure that your work is customized to fit your brand. I was really satisfied with his work!!!”
– Jonathan Coleman

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