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Hello, my name is Michelle Rene and I own Mundus Media Inc. I am a professional Book Cover Designer and Illustrator; I am networking to expand my client base and I hope I can be of service to you. Are you or a friend in need of a cover design or illustration for your book? FYI – I also offer a 10% referral bonus for any first time clients you refer to me.

Take a look at my website I am published in over eight genres and my creative diversity shows in my various works. Some of my designs were previously published in Creative Review magazine. I am an artist and have a true passion for my work. You can read all about me in this article

I pride myself on my ability to “see” your vision and work with you to create just the right cover for your story and the right promotional package to draw readers to you and your book.

Come take a look at artwork, check out my variety of services offered on my pricing page. I also design social and website banners, posters for book tours, bookmarks, book teasers, and business cards, all for your book marketing efforts. Review my testimonials and discover some of the people I work with. You will also find that I am uniquely affordable.

Michelle Rene Goodhew

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