Aubrey Hansen

Having a professional, readable interior is one of the best ways you can give your book a boost in this competitive marketplace. Readers judge books by their covers, but the battle doesn’t stop there–a book with a messy or boring interior is not only difficult to read, but it can pose a huge turn-off for potential buyers. Nothing screams “indie!!” like an ebook that looks like it got eaten and regurgitated by your Kindle. Properly formatting your interior will put your book a step ahead of the rest–and save you the headache of arguing with cryptic submission errors from Createspace.
That’s where I come in. After going around the block a few times with self-publishing, I’ve learned how to make the innards of books sit still and look pretty, and I actually enjoy the slightly messy process. So if you have a book that needs formatting and you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t feel like messing with it, or are running into a problem, let me help!
Let’s be honest–I’m not a professional graphic designer, in that I haven’t gone to school for this and I don’t use fancy-shmancy programs. But that also means I’m not trying to pay off a student loan and can charge accordingly. I’m just an indie author with time, patience, and know-how to do something a lot of indie authors don’t, and I want to help. I care about the self-publishing industry, which is why I want to help you make your book successful.

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