A Musing Reviews

Amusing Reviews is the child of {a}Musing Mother, my regular blog. I began blogging in 2008. I discovered book blogging in early 2010. I love reading and I love writing so I figured this was a healthier hobby than sniffing glue via scrapbooking or housecleaning.

My book blog features mainly Young Adult literature and chick lit along with books I find of interest. I write reviews, include interviews with authors, features and contests, and include my own thoughts since I find myself so very fascinating. I also participate in blogging communities and Memes.

I’ll tell you if I liked a book or not, and the reasons why. Sometimes books strike my philosophical bone and I’ll wax just so, but I’d rather read and give readers my honest opinion about a book than write to impress the masses. Although if you find me entertaining, I will feel happy.

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