About Us

Help-U-Pub was started by independently published authors that struggled to find the service providers to help them make their books as polished as they needed to be. As more and more authors make the decision to independently publish their books, more skilled freelancers are making themselves available to help make those books as publish ready as any traditionally published book. The only problem is that these freelancers are spread out all over the internet. Here at Help-U-Pub, we’ve collected these individuals into a single directory.

Our goal is to connect independent authors with the professionals that have the skills to help them produce a marketable book.

When you click on a listing on Help-U-Pub, you are connected directly to the professional listed. Help-U-Pub does not charge for it’s services and we do not act as a middleman. As an independent author, you have complete control over the process of publishing your book. You don’t want someone inbetween you and the people you hire to help you meet your goal.

If you have any comments, concerns or ideas about how to make Help-U-Pub an even better directory of service providers, feel free to email us at web@helpupub.com; we are always excited to hear from our visitors.

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