• Don't Go It Alone!

    Deciding to independently self-publish your book does not mean you you have to do it all yourself. In order to produce a well polished book it takes a team of professionals. You have spent a lot of quality time putting your story into words, now find others who can help you make your story into a commercially prepared book.

    Do you want to help authors?

    We are looking for those skilled people that can help an author prepare their book for publication. Do you have an eye for cover design? Do you have a superior command of the english language? Can you meticulously format a document into a print ready file? Click on submit listing and tell us who you are.

Don’t Self-Publish Alone

When a modern author finishes their labor of love, and puts the final period on the manuscript they have spent weeks, months, or years pouring their souls into, the adventure of turning it into a book for readers to enjoy is just beginning. The digital revolution has busted open the …

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Big Things Are Coming Soon!

It’s about to get exciting around here. We are working on some new changes to help authors connect with talented service providers and we believe these changes will help make HelpUpub a valuable resource for the growing publishing industry. If you are a services provider make sure you are listed …

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